Welcome to Hotel Dimatis!

33 kilometers from Katerini and 820m altitudelays the village of Agios Dimitrios surrounded by the mount of Olympus, Titaros and Pieria. There, is placed out Hotel.

Dimatis Hotel is a family business, the history of which starts in 1928. At that time and until the mid 70’s, Dimatis was an attraction for all residents, the only entertainment area, patrons were those who adapt the type of the service depending on the needs! It was known as thevillage cafe, the village tavern , the cafeteria of the village in the evenings  and at summers it was working as a summer movie ! In 1988 we built Hotel Dimatis while in 2011 it had a renovation from the «Aesthetic Group Intervention. »

Built with respect to the local architectural, Hotel Dimatis is equipped with all modern amenities. Both on site and the restaurant, stone, wood and clay are the main structural components giving a strongly Mediterranean style.

Our hotel is a two stars hotel and our 13 rooms each hold different architecture. The ‘Group Salons Intervention “has shaped the space for beautiful relaxing and luxurious stay in our high quality facilities.

Reception will welcome you in a warm and traditional climate. A fireplace build with firebricksworks around the clock to keep the heat at a level which keeps patrons warm even when the temperature drops below zero. If you are lucky and spend a snowy weekend youwould wish an endless winter, while the summer season will offeran even more substantial pleasure as Olympus combines mountain and sea.