Olympus, the highest Greek mountain with an altitude of 2.918m (Mytikas peak), is the country’s first National Park.

Hotel Dimatis, with knowledge, mapped routes and paths from specialized hikers of the area, suggests you to discover areas of natural beauty in the most unspoiled side of the historical mountain of the gods, the unexplored area of ​​the northwest Olympus.



  • One day climb to Mytika (2.918m), the highest peak of Olympus, in 3 hours. Recommended climbing period (June – October). Difficult access to a dirt road of 15km from the village of Kalyvia to Christaki Refuge (2.600m). 4×4 vehicle is needed. Follows hiking to Skolio and Mytikas peaks in about 2.30 hours. A certified mountain guide is necessary- available from our hotel upon request.
  • For demanding hikers who have time and want to cover miles. Starting point: Olympus Training Centre for Mountain Races and Ski (KEOAX) / Vrysopoules – Agios Antonios – Skolio. Climb to Skolio (2.912m) from KEOAX, 11.4km to Agios Antonios and about 14.5km to Skolio. Tough hiking lovers can continue to Mytikas (2.918m), a 2 hours hiking.
  • Climbing and mountaineering on the slopes of West Olympus all year round, with a mountain guide upon request.
  • Mountaineering ski at the ridges of Olympus with a certified mountain guide upon request.
  • Combination of road and hiking routes in the Enipea Canyon and the Orlia Stream with swimming in the natural lakes and waterfalls.
  • Canoeing through the waterfalls of Orlia in Dion.
  • Skiing at Olympus Training Centre for Mountain Races and Ski (KEOAX) / Vrysopoules (1.820m altitude). You can visit it every Sunday during the winter months (no equipment is provided –ID is required to enter the camp).
  • Hiking in the Pieria Mountains of the Muses
  • Mountaineering ski at the ridges of Olympus, with a certified Mountain Guide, upon request.
  • A difficult route which requires patience and physical fitness is a climb to Olympus from the village of Kokkinopilos. The route is officially mapped on the mountaineering map, as the big race of Faethon Olympus Marathon is hosted there every year. Follow closely the European path E4, of 6 hours duration from Kokkinopilos to Skolio.
  • The Naoum / Xerolaki stream, which starts from the northwest slopes of the high peaks of Mount Olympus, from the rocky cavity of Megala Kazania. It then winds around two emblematic peaks of Northern Olympus. The climbing peak Naum and the mountaineering peak Skolio. The route ends at the Plateau of Muses.



  • Hiking routes around the village of Agios Dimitrios, of low and difficult level, depending on the hikers’ stamina and preferences.
  • Hiking on the European path E4, which connects the west to the east side of the mountain, through the peaks of Mount Olympus.
  • Hiking in the forests of western Olympus, the verdant Voulgara (1,687m altitude), which is officially mapped on the mountaineering map.



  • The round of Titaros through the mountain road Livadi-Fteri-Skotina which ends at Fotini or alternatively Livadi-Fteri-Velventios. One of the most beautiful routes you can enjoy.
  • Route Kokkinopilos -Petra, along the green forests of western Olympus.
  • By car until the Polifitos dam in Kozani, in the Neraida village (100km), one of the most beautiful car routes in Greece.
  • Olympus Tour. Route by the canyons of Lower Olympus and stops in the traditional village of Palaios Panteleimonas and the Platamonas castle. You will enjoy the unique beaches of N. Panteleimonas, overlooking Mount Olympus.



  • Dion – sanctified site of Olympian God Zeus, worship centre of the Macedonians, 5th century AC (40 km from Agios Dimitrios)
  • Spathes – the archaeological site of Agios Dimitrios, tombs from the Mycenaean period 1.200-1.300 BC (3 km from Dimatis Hotel)



  • Kanalon Monastery, Karya, 11th century
  • Agia Triada Monastery, Sparmos, 16th century
  • Monastery of Panagia Olympiotissa, 13th century



  • The wider area around our hotel gives you the opportunity to experience Mount Olympus, the Titaros Routes, the Pieria Mountains, to take an excursion while at the same time offers you a direct contact with the historical culture as well as with the wine tourism, since the area is famous for its wine producers.
  • Indicatively, for the lovers of Ancient Greek Culture, we recommend a visit to Vergina, the archaeological site of Aigai – the ancient capital of the Macedonians from the 7th century BC and the Royal burial cluster of Philip II of the 4th century BC (73km from Agios Dimitrios)
  • Meteora – Monument of World Cultural Heritage and of great natural beauty (117 km). Hiking on the rocks of Meteora and the Byzantine monasteries.
  • Visit the fine wineries of the area to meet and taste several Greek wine varieties.

Hotel Dimatis can provide, during your stay, officially mapped routes, maps of the area and information about your excursions.