Family -own -and – run since 1928 Hotel Dimatis is nestled at the heart of the mountainous village of Agios Dimitrios.

We love to pamper you – and culinary delights play a big part in those efforts. What we offer you is a diverse as your own preferences and needs. And our cuisine has a quality aspirations.

We produce are own quality products ourselves like jams, spoon sweets, liqueurs , honey and bread .

Local delicacies such as wild-boar and bon filet are served for dinner.

The hotel also offers succulent traditional dishes, local cheeses, Olympian meats, a wine list of the region and authentic local produce, in a magnificent environment of calm and relaxation for a quality holiday


Hotel Dimatis is also known as among the best in the area since ( 1 9 2 8 ) !

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Hospitality is simply an opportunity to show love and care.