Authenticity and our timeless values are our hallmark _ Hotel Dimatis is truly steeped in history and we continue writing its history together with you. But let’s go back to the very beginning, to 1928, when Hotel Dimatis was an attraction for all residents, of the area. Around 70s, Hotel Dimatis was the only place for entertainment, was the restaurant, cafeteria, and during the summer it was an outdoor cinema as well. IN the decades thereafter it was transformed into an exclusive restaurant and hotel property. The character of this beautiful complex has been preserved and supplemented with contemporary luxury. Agios _ Dimitrios , the highest village in Pieria prefecture is built at an altitude of 840 meters where ancient passages from Macedonia and Thessalian  used to be . Apart from its natural beauty, the area also has archeological interest, with extremely important findings from the era that have recently been found.